4 health tips to help students perform well in exams

Health tips to perform well in exams
It’s that time of the year when both students and parents feel exam Pressure. Students stressed to perform their best, however doing so requires a balanced approach to health, in addition to consistent studyinng.This balanced approach helps students to boost their memory and remember what they have studied.

Dr Hari prasad, Ayurveda expert, the Himalaya Drug Company, recommends the following tips to Health tips to perform well in exams

Health tips to perform well in exams :

●Exercise regularly:

Physical activity is an effective tool to improve academic performance.Recent studies shown that regular aerobic exercise boosts the verbal memory and learning. Exercise also helps in improving memory and thinking ability for college kids by increasing blood flow to the brain. It’s easy to forget to exercise your body within the thick of all the mental labour, but this is important as physical exercise boost’s brain function in a variety of ways.

●Maintain a healthy diet :

Eating good food is a good practice to maintain at all times, but it assumes greater importantance in the exam season. A diet wealthy in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy, fish and poultry is particularly good to adopt at this time. It will alter students to fulfil all their nutritionary desires, therefore their bodies can perform at an optimum level.They need adequate nourishment to fuel brain activity and aid in memory retention. Eating healthy also helps to prevents illnesses which can be detrimental
while focussing on studies.

●Appropriate herbs in daily diet :

According to Ayurved and modern medical research,Brahmi helps promote memory, intelligence and enhances alertness. It is a potent mental tonic which calms the mind and provides clarity in thinking. Taking this herb regularly improves certain brain chemicals that may improve mental legerity, helping students to achieve their goals.

●Get adequate Sleep:

While getting ready for exams,one of the body’s most important needs is sometimes foregone-sleep. Students preparing for his or her exams should get a minimum 6-8 hours of sleep everyday to take care of good mental and physical health. According to the recent studies conducted by harvard university have shown that “‘there is a strong relationship between sleep and memory Students who get adequate sleep usually get better grades than those who do not.Better Sleep boosts short-term memory into long-term memory.Adequate sleep helps students to receive more information and consequendy which enables better performance in exams.

Following these simple tips in addition to
regular and effective studying can help students retain information more efficiently and supply the much-needed boost for his or her upcoming examinations.

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