Deep jyoti bhuyan
Dr Deep jyoti bhuyan from tezpur discovers phytochemicals derived from Australian Educalypts as anticancer agents for pancreatic malignancies

Deep jyoti bhuyan is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University. Doctorate of Philosophy(PHD) on “Phytochemicals derived from Australian Eucalypts as anticancer agents for exocrine gland malignancies” from from the University of Newcastle (UoN)

Deep jyoti bhuyan has a interest and background in research the anticancer and antimicrobial properties of plant extracts and bioactive compounds. Dr Bhuyan’s PhD research, highlighted the role of phenolic compounds and antioxidants from Australian eucalypts as anticancer agents for pancreatic malignancies. During his PhD, he also explored the possibilities of developing antimicrobial agents from Eucalyptus aqueous extracts used in the Australian Aboriginal Bush medicine.

Before going to Australia, Dr Bhuyan worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Assam Agricultural University on a National Agricultural Innovation Project funded the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

He has published several peer-reviewed research and review papers in the areas of natural products, anticancer and antimicrobial research. He was also actively involved in teaching microbiology at The University of Newcastle and a number of collaborative projects in Australia and India.

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