Assam Celebrated Magh Bihu

Rising northeast

On Tuesday Assam Celebrated magh bihu, a harvest festival celebrated in AssamIndia, which marks the end of harvesting season in the month of Maagha (January–February).

Bihu celebrations started from Monday night that marked ‘Uruka’, the last day of the Assamese month of ‘Puh’.The uruka night Young people erect makeshift huts, known as Meji and Bhelaghar, from bamboo, leaves and thatch, and in Bhelaghar they eat the food prepared for the feast,And the next morning the community people burn the Meji(husts) and pray for better harvest in the year ahead.

But the protest against the citizenship amendment bill as several indigenous organisations and political leaders continued their agitation during the festival by urging the people to keep the celebrations subdued.

KMSS chief Akhil Gogoi and KMSS member began their 24-hour hunger strike at Chachal, Guwahati to oppose the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 during the festival. Akhil Gogoi said that the protesters skipped the celebrations this year and he was on fasting.

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