Be Happy With the Life You Have !

Everything happens on its own time that no one can predict before. That’s what makes life unpredictable. It’s a surprise. The surprise is paradoxical. That’s the essential element. You don’t know what you can get your paths change. Based on that We keep on scribing about life yet we can’t decipher it. it’s easy if none of the things about life is thought about. Dumbest people are the happiest.” You know why ?

Cause they don’t know how things work as they do. They just live on and accept things as they come. You can bound yourself with every sort of rules regulations you want to. You can restrict yourself with everything you want to. But still with time, life will present you a situation where you will be questioned, “Why ? Why did you restrict yourself iri the first place ?” Life will throw you at a situation where everything you once believed will look at you and say, “I’m a lie”. With time, you’ll meet new people. With time, you’ll fall in love. Young blood and energetic. With time, you’ll end up opening your eyes. With time, you’ll understand how things fall into its places without you even realising it.

With time, you’ll see your footprints getting washed away. Things happen in life that can’t be controlled. Sometimes it’s good when it’s not controlled. So be happy.. despite of other things, coz its not only you. you are related to others also, your happiness affects those who loves you, your happiness is the thing for what your parents crave, your happiness is worth for you, why.. why are you letting stupid people to stole it from you. why are you letting others affects your happiness, there are so many things that can bring a smile on your face, the need is to widely open your eyes and analyse all the things, analyse who’s with you.. and who just act to be with you, small things can also bring dose of happiness, the only thing you need to do is, if you are getting one reason to cry.. fade it with ten reason to smile 😊.

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