Bogamati : Paradise for nature lovers !


Bogamati A famous picnic spot in Baksa ,Assam

By Basanta Nirola

Bogamati is a picnic spot located in Assam’s Baksa district. The place lies on the mouth of Bornadi river , has become a famous picnic place for locals & travelers. The scenic view of the hills & covered with dense forest attracts to the people on this Indo-Bhutan border place. The 25-ft. tall statue of Buddha is another attraction of the picnic spot. The tourists from the neighboring countries like Bhutan, Nepal & Myanmar also visit the Buddha Temple & also enjoy the holidays in here.


Various types of trees & birds are found in here, where Plum trees are available in large numbers. The wild elephants are also take shelter at forest area of  Bogamati. River rafting, trekking, climbing hill & several adventure activities can be done here. A natural gift of the Bogamati spot is the panoramic view of mountains & a wide area of land beside the river Bornadi, which originates from one of the Bhutan hills & flows through the two ridges of the hills.

The place is located in the foothills of Indo-Bhutan border area of Baksa district at a distance of 92 km from Guwahati. Communication is easy through the Goreswar-Suklai-Uparkhuti (Bholajhar) PWD road & Nagrijuli-Ambarish Nagar PWD road in Baksa district. It is situated five km away from Ambarish Nagar bazar chowk.  The place is also around 34Km far from Goreswar Railway station via Suagpur-Bholajhar road of Baksa District, Assam.


According to a local resident, Nayan Newar  said to me that more than 1000 people visit Bogamati picnic place daily  during the picnic season.  Water sports facilities like river rafting on the Bornadi river is an additional adventure for the  visitors. “Bogamati could not become a major tourist centre due to some problems for so many years. But now it is trying to bring about a change. Efforts are being made to develop new tourist places such as Bogamati hill area.” , another local resident  Binod Subedy added this.

“The growing influx of tourists here has developed good business opportunities for local villagers. Slowly & gradually roads & connectivity is developing to reach the place. Hope it is become the best picnic spot in the near future”, Bijoy Dahal, a local stated this to me.

In fine, I have found that Bogamati picnic spot particularly is nature lovers’ paradise & it is the hotspot for the picnickers.

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