Election Results 2019 : A Quick Look to the Ten Political Points

Election Results 2019

Now, we have seen that the general election results of 2019 come out, where BJP led NDA have completely swiped out by putting the Congress party in the bottom line in the seats tally. No doubt, the victory of BJP led NDA is larger than the 2014 where they have set a massive victory against the congress & other oppositions.

Since the day BJP has taken up the central government in hand in 2014, the party led Govt have done a few good things & a few bad ones as well. For an example, Demonetization was a huge blunder, but thinking back, which I see it as a badly administered act even if it has not become the election issue. Apparently, the party has set victory for another five years. By congratulating them for their landslide victory I just want to quickly put some political points that have been seen after the verdict for 2019 comes out, where the poll result bids fair to take power for another five years to BJP led NDA-

  • NDA likely to break its own record all set to become the only non-congress govt in the history to return to the power constantly for another five years.
  • It seems that the claim of united opposition has become a huge failure. They even don’t get the votes as expected earlier or to divert people’s perceptions from NaMo.
  • It’s more than the BJP’s victory, completely the failure of Congress party & oppositions. Moreover, weaker section of opposition gives the better chance to win for BJP & “Abhi Fir Se Modi Sarkar” saying means the people still don’t have any political alternative.
  • The real political fight against Modi or BJP supposed in UP; as the results come out the SP-BSP has given the contest as opposition to taken Modi’s BJP, but their defeat is merely convoluted as the congress to became the vote cutter in the state.
  • The congress party has completely failed to stick themselves as major political opponent in the poll campaign. Rahul gandhi’s leadership has to be questioned. To be honest this is the end point of Rahul Gandhi ‘s career at the congress party & his future is very tensed as head of the party. Where the party is expecting Rahul Gandhi much more & he seems to be trying to understand this country only. I am not giving any advice to any politician or the party but must say that the fact the congress is losing worse than 2014 is alarming. Surely Congress needs to take account. Probably a new face at Congress to re-invent the party.
  • In West Bengal, BJP enters as real opposition with they have made some handsome vote shares & it’s not even the thought of discussion of five years ago, where Left party dislodges from the scenario & even an insignificant in Kerala where they are the ruling party. However the West Bangal result is the significant gaining point for the BJP.
  • It is also surprising to see that AAP party in Delhi is fallen down even the region is regarded as their strong zone where the party is enjoying the governance under the leadership of Arvind kejriwal. Now the big question is that where does the AAP go from here? Is it the indicating that the party has short political life?
  • It is a widely accepted fact that the BJP party has retained their power by party’s performance in the hindi heartland states even after the loosing last assembly polls in three states. Which signifies that how much the congress party has gained the trust ship from the common people ?
  • Among the southern states, the BJP is ahead in Karnataka – ruled by the alliance govt of the Congress & HD Kumaraswamy’s Janata Dal Secular. The alliance govt completes one year today & a dismal showing in the election results. This is also worried trend against the party.
  • The YSR Congress is set to come to power in Andhra Pradesh, defeating the ruling Telugu Desam Party of Chandrababu Naidu, who is pulled out from the NDA in the last year. YS Jagan emerges big winner in both LS & Assembly elections, where BJP has also failed to make any dent in numbers. Other hand, Naveen Patnaik has recorded the historic fifth time win as Chief Minister of Oddisa & his party Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is ahead against BJP in loksabha seats of the state. In Andhra Pradesh & Oddisa, Where both the leaders are silently defying the Modi wave.

Over the last five years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been credited with trying to tighten the administration, a strong foreign policy & high-profile campaigns like Swachh Bharat & make-in-India. But he has been attacked by the opposition over a slowing economy, failure to create jobs, a farm sector crisis etc. No doubt the policies that they have made also lead the victory even after the criticism in some of the points they have worked or they have not done anything. Now the people of India are showing faith to Narendra Modi & his team BJP party once again. It’s clearly mentioned in the mandate that they have brought more responsibility & challenges to work for the people in the next five years. In the end, once again heartiest congratulations to the BJP led NDA for the massive victory in 2019 general elections.

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