Fake Digital Marketing In Election

2019 Indian general election

As you all know The 2019 Indian general election is scheduled to be held in seven phases from 11 April to 19 May 2019 to constitute the 17th Lok sabha.Every party started their campaign.In this mordern world our digital media and social networking site play great role in wining the election.

India is the biggest market for the Facebook,WhatsApp, Instagram etc..so anyone can post anything to circulate their propaganda and hates so as a citizen of this country we have to know how to deal with that.It is our responsibility to express our concern through vote but it should not be under any party or media influence.

As a citizen of this great nation it is our responsibility to make sure the casting of votes should not be under any political pressure.Their is unimaginable power in you finger.use it to press the right button to elect the right candidate.Don’t vote to anyone just because “Baju wale usi me de rahe he”,It should be your own decision to whom you will vote.

Now-a-days,most of the youths and elders get involved with social media and use to scroll spicy posts, watch influential videos,memes but they should be aware of the political stunts of the parties who use to blame each other for varying political decisions.As per survey,the fake news and agenda are spread more and goes viral fast for sharing of the fun over the social media platform.Many parties may use to sponsor the fake news and report on their parties and even some of celebrities use to help politicians to winning elections which is not the correct way to campaign.So As an youth it is our duty and responsibility to verify the news before sharing it and let them know the youth of this country is awaked.

One thing I personally experienced is their is no demotration and tips for new voters, who have no idea how to vote. Election commsion of india should start a demo vote process to new voters before polling so they can caste their votes without any fear.

Besides all these,if we make our proximates to poll,spending a minute for our nation,it’s possible to 100% polling.As a new voter I am ready to do this from my side! Will you?

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