Sonit kuwar gajen Baruah high school

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Gamiripal M.E School was established in 1961 and it is managed the Department of Education. It is located in naduar block of sonitpur district of Assam.The school shares same campus with Sonit kuwar gajen Baruah high school which is an Upper Primary School established in 1986. From 1986 to 2019 both The schools runs separately but in 2019 the government had finally decided to Merge Gamiripal ME School in Sonit kuwar gajen Baruah high school under the SikshaKhetra- a scheme for amalgamation and merger of different schools.

The Education Department of Assam releases a statement about the merger or Amalgamation of the school The Statement states that “With a view to ascertain standard teacher-pupil ratio, optimum services of the employees, saving administrative cost and other logistic support of the schools, Govt. of Assam in Secondary Education Department have decided that the schools situated in same campus or in any neararea shall be amalgamated/merged and all the schools shall be brought into one single administrative and academic unit under SikshaKhetra- a scheme for amalgamation and merger of different schools. So far amalgamation of 701 ME Schools, 58 MV Schools, 324 LP Schools and 2 Jr. BS with 836 Secondary Schools are approved with the concurrence of Finance Department”.

Talking to journalist the head master of Gamiripal ME School mr Krishna kt Talukdar said “We both schools shares same campus but we runs separately,We are demanding it for long we are happy that finally government acsepted our demand.Now we both schools work together to making a future of this country”.

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