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Bsc 4th sem zoology major question paper

Bsc 4th sem zoology major question paper: Guwahati University Bsc 4th Semester zoology(major) Syllabuss and previous year questions paper from 2014-2019 are available here.

Bsc 4th Sem Sylebuss | GU | Non CBCS


Paper M-401. Total mark=60+15=75


• Developmental biology- aim and scope
• Gametogenesis: spermatogenesis, Oogenesis, vitellogenesis, egg membrane.
• Fertilization: sperm-egg interactions, biochemical events, post-fertilizations
• Parthenogenesis- Natural haploid, diploid and cyclic parthenogenesis. Artificial
stimulus for parthenogenesis and its significance.
• Type of animal eggs.
• Cellular dynamics in development.
• Organizer and Induction
• Fate map construction in frog and chick .
• Organogenesis : Development of heart and eye in vertebrates
• Development of chick embryo up to three germ layer formation.
• Extra embryonic membranes in bird and mammal.
Placenta- different types, function and physiology.


• Back cross and test cross.
• Varieties of gene expressions- multiple alleles, lethal genes, pleiotropic genes, gene interactions, epistasis.
• Linkage-its mechanism and significance, Experiment of linkage, Linkage map.
• Crossing over- types and mechanism, Synaptinemal complex and genetic recombination, significance of crossing over.
• Genetic basis of Sex determination
• Genetic diseases in man
• Nucleic acids-DNA and RNA, Chemical structure and function, Replication of DNA.
• Structural changes in chromosomes (Chromosomal aberration)
• Numerical changes in chromosome, Genetic consequences of changes in
• Chromosome.
• Mutation- Molecular basis of mutation. Consequences of mutation.
• Genetic code, transcription and regulation of protein synthesis
• Regulation of gene expression
• Sexuality and Recombination in Virus and bacteria.
Mitochondrial DNA
• Human Karyotype – Nomenclature, Human genome
• Cytogenetic effect of ionizing and non ionizing radiation.

Previous years question paper

Bsc 4th sem zoology(major) question paper

The students can download past 5 year Gauhati University’s Zoology major exam question papers in PDF file format. Old question papers of last 5 years helping students to prepare well in exams.  All the previous year papers are available for free.

Bsc 4th Sem Zoology major | Paper 4.1 | GU

Developmental biology- 401
Developmental biology- 4012015Download
Developmental biology- 4012016Download
Developmental biology- 4012017Download
Developmental biology- 4012018Download

Bsc 4th Sem Zoology major | Paper 4.2 | GU

Genetics- 402
Genetics- 4022015Download
Genetics- 4022016Download
Genetics- 4022017Download
Genetics- 4022018Download

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