Haaziq Kazi,12 Year Old boy Who Designed A Ship That Can Save Our Oceans

Haaziq Kazi
Haaziq Kazi is a 12th year old boy from pune who design a ship that can reduce pollution and save our Oceans.

According to the survey,Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year.Plastic is the main reasons for water pollution.T here are 5 trillion plastic is floating our Oceans which is more than total human pollution of the world.

Haaziq Kazi
Image tweeted by ANI

But this 12th year boy design a ship to reduce Oceans population.He named his ship “Ervis”.This Ship is designed sucks in water from the ocean, which is then segregated between marine life and waste. 

“I watched some documentaries and realised the impact waste has on marine life. I felt I had to do something. The fish we used eat are eating this plastic in the ocean, so the cycle of pollution comes to us. Hence, I came up with Ervis,” Haaziq Kazi said.

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