Life after Covid19

Suddenly nobody is thinking about business,Study, carrier,Goels. Yes not a soul is thinking about planning when to travel.

Life after Covid19
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Suddenly nobody is thinking about business,Study, carrier,Goels. Yes not a soul is thinking about planning when to travel. Nobody at all is busy reading for an examination. Funny enough nobody is saving for vacation. Haha clubbing is not even coming to the minds of people.The whole world is just stopped.

Its over funny that some people have even ignored their boyfriends/girlfriends, sugar daddies, lovers  etc.
Our communities that were overpopulated have suddenly been rid of hold ups and congestion. No more rushing to work and catching the early bus.

Earning a degree is no longer the priority. Spending time & money on parties is no longer a trend.
Oh no Hotels restaurants  are being shut down. Food is no more wasted, even the rich people save their left over food. People now have a sense of management without being told.

We now understand that going to Temple is not the same as going to God. Money has become useless to the rich! Wealth has failed the wealthy. The powerful is become powerless. 
•Peoples now understand what it means to have a family.
• Husbends now understand their wifes efforts just to to make them smile.

•Some mothers have understood how risky it is to place their children above their husbands.
•Children no more know how to lie to parents for money in other to use in doing frivolous things.
• Teenagers now understand the real taste of  hommade foods.
• People now started working those things which they really love to do.

People now realise that above the hustle and bustle, it is life that matters. That is the most important thing. Everyone is now showing some sense of care and looking after those around them. This is the time when many will learn to love unconditionally. Quarentine has created many beautiful memories with family. Memories of joy and happiness, Memories of love & Lough, Memories of indoor games & Movies. It has realised the importance of friends & Teachers, College & Coaching classes,Parks & Gardens. Memes & Jokes has flooded the social media. Tension of safety & health surrounded the mind of people.

Cleanliness will be studies in schools & Colleges, and mothers will teach their children to be neat. Sunday loses its importance now every day looks like sunday. Education will no longer be a do-or-die thing: professors are in their rooms now, their certificates and degrees totally useless. We will now learn to depend and check on each other: do you see how many stay home stay safe messages you have received?

I'm not sure if convid-19 is a bioweapon or a divine arrangement. But one thing I know: when this is over, a little sanity will be restored to the world and the world will move back a few centuries, when men hadn't lost their sense of being human.

I wouldn't even talk of both hindu and muslims being conscious of heaven.
Isn't it funny that those workaholic people are now indoors.
Indeed there is nothing in life.
We all just have to live right and be at eternal rest with God after our lives here on earth.

I remain