Marks Don't Decide Your Real Worth

You know being in India, you always get to hear that marks will decide your future, how far you will go. From childhood only we are so well instructed about this, from our parents, our teachers, our neighbors, etc. that we forget the main thing, that our marks don't decide our worth.

Marks Don't Decide Your Real Worth

Success is not just assured with your good marks rather it depends upon your skills, concepts, way of thinking, creativity and representation. No matter how much marks you got in your exams, unless you have discipline, concepts and problem-solving skills you won't be able to be the best of yourselves.

I have seen people who has scored well marks in their boards and still couldn't find a good pay scale job and is still struggling with so many things and also I am friend with some people who has got an average marks in their boards and now he/she is a successful content writer at this present moment. So, is this real? Did their marks decided what is their worth or how successful he/she will be in their future. No, right.

People grow in their life while gaining knowledge, learning new things, while including discipline in their life, not just scoring good marks in their exams.
While the importance of marks/grades cannot be undermined, it is perhaps inappropriate to focus merely on this. Students should be encouraged to fully assimilate and integrate the knowledge across various subjects/courses and develop the ability to apply knowledge gained in real-life contexts.

You have to understand, that boards marks don't decide your worth, You and only you are the one who decide.

If you got really good marks than it's really amazing don't stop practicing and focus on your personal growth but if you got low marks and you are under pressure of your parents, neighbours, peers, etc. Don't worry much, you are ALIVE. Breathe nicely and focus on things in which you are best. And when you find that thing, believe in yourself and do that, Do that by your whole heart and later you will see the magic.

Here, are some points which you should focus rather than just your marks, while you are a student :-

1. Enjoy the process of learning and do not focus only on the end result.

2. Knowledge gained will stay with you for eternity.

3. Be open-minded learn new things even if does not seem to be relevant now.

4. Knowledge can be gained in different ways in the classroom, from experiences of your role models, from peers from other media.

5. Develop the ability to see big picture.

6. Professional life will be fraught with uncertainty so do not be disheartened by small setbacks.

7. Develop the ability to integrate knowledge across various topics learning in silos does not take one far.

8. Knowledge gained is not useful unless it can be applied appropriately to resolve issues.

9. Develop empathy for people around you.

10. Be humble.

11. Don't stop practicing.

12. Believe in yourself, because I believe in you.