Mizoram organization opposes revision of Bru voters

Bru voters

Various organization in mizoram opposes revision of Bru voters

Various NGOs,Student bodies and civil societies strongly opposed the the request to conduct electoral revision of Bru voters inside the relief camps in Tripura. 

Young Mizo Association (YMA) president, Vanlalruata said that,the committee is firm on its stand that no Bru related electoral process should be conducted outside Mizoram. He also said that revision of Bru voters living in Tripura should be conducted only after their return to Mizoram.

Bru voters

Friday,leaders of the NGO Coordination Committee Conducted a meeting with state Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Ashis Kundra over Bru issues.Vanlalruata said that,They informed the CEO about their clear stance that the rision of voterlist for the bru tribals should be conducted inside Mizoram after their return to the state.

“We have knew that there is a initiative to conduct roll revision of the voters inside the relief camps in Tripura. We have opposed this move before and we will continue to do so,” he asserted. He also said that the NGO Coordination Committee will conduct a meeting on Monday over the EC’s instruction.

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