Poor sleep can increase the obesity risk in children

Recent study indicate that Poor sleep can increase the obesity risk in children

We are aware about the effect of healthy eating and exercise on our body and we focus on them to get a healthy and fit body. Besides a good diet and exercise, proper sleep also posses a great impact on our body. According to a study, The getting enough sleep may also be a key factor in managing weight in children and adolescents. As per the findings of the research, children and adolescents who get less than the recommended amount of sleep for their age are at a higher risk of gaining more weight.

Overall, they were fifty eight per cent more probably to become overweight or fat — a common risk issue for various cardio-metabolic diseases.Michelle Miller,Said that, being overweight can lead to cardiovascular disease and Type-2-diabetes which is also on the increase in children.

The findings of the study said that sleep is also a very important probably modifiable risk issue of future obesity.

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