Shramik Special train With 1610 passengers Arrives in Manipur

A Shramik Special train carrying 1,610 migrant workers from Mumbai arrived manipur on Monday.

Shramik Special train With 1610 passengers Arrives in Manipur
Image - AIR manipur | Representational image

A Sramik Special train carrying 1610 Migrant workers from Mumbai from manipur arrived on moday.

These migrant workers had been stranded in Mumbai due to the nationwide lockdown,

the official said the train arrived at Jiribam railway station.This was the 11th Shramik Special train to have brought back migrant labourers to Manipur.

The Jiribam district administration & health department made all the required arrangements in the station.

Personnelof different departments along with members of the Red Cross Society and the civil society organisations are helping to conduct thermal screening for COVID-19.

After completing all the safety protocols & paperwork the migrant workers were sent to their homes in the different districts in buses arranged by the administration and will be in institutional or community quarantine centres for 14 days as per norms, official sources said.

So far over 10,754 people of Manipur stranded outside the state due to the nationwide lockdown have returned in 11 Shramik Special trains, the official added.