Summer Before Adulthood

Summer was fun when we were child, when we had enough time to enjoy every moment of this beautiful season.

Summer Before Adulthood
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The bright sunny day, the hot breeze, the sound of chirping insects all around, the soothing air, in the evening, the longer days and the shorter nights, the mangoes, the watermelon, and so many juicy fruits with all of these we knew that the summer is here.

Summer used to be fun before when we used to wake up when the bright rays of sun fall on the face,  tickling the body with his warmth. 

Every typical kid used to run in their  whole house just to make that one perfect bottle of rasna so they can take it to the school and can drink in that summer day. It was fun before.

Every student in the class used to compete, who will sit on the last bench of the class, near the window.
So that can feel the cold wind and view the nature from that little window.  They ride their bicycle everday after their Tution or bunking their classes, near the Riverside so they can enjoy the peace with the calmness of the river, sound of different insects and the cold breeze.

The feeling of sitting near the air cooler, after reaching home riding the bicycle in the hot summer day, is so satisfying, like, when the cold air touches your warm skin and make you calm and cool you. It used to hit different before.

When the evening arrives, gully cricket was the daily  fun booster with all of neighbour kids. Playing with them, until our mother is to shout to return home and asking for that extra 10 mins to play.
We used to Enjoy the sunset in the terrace while having the tasty mangoes. Whenever we used to eat watermelon, shooting game with the seeds, was the only Competition, with sister.
In rainy days, bicycle ride was the only escape from the hot summer. The feeling, when the rain touches your face while riding used to be the perfect soother.

And when the hot day ends, sitting in an open place to watch the clear sky with full of stars and running here and there to catch the fireflies used to amuse us in summer.

With every year passes by, the more adult we become the more we are forgetting how summer  was before adulthood.