Tezpur-ian holds plantation drive on Children’s day


A Striving towards a green future, at Panchmile Uriamguri Road of Tezpur, Tezpurian are sowing seeds for tomorrow by recognizing the key role that the future generation plays in arching the way towards a “Green World” & in order to inculcate a love for nature, a plantation program organized by an NGO Green Patroll of Tezpur on the occasion of Children’s Day today, 14th. November 2019, with Shiksya Jyoti Bidya Niketan & along with the plantation partners Seeds Foundation of charmile Tezpur, SMB Gymnasium of Napam, Tezpur & All Assam Minorities Students’ Union of Panchmile unit, Tezpur.

“I felt so good to get such an opportunity to serve the Mother Nature by planting souls of the planet (trees) on this very auspicious day. The day was sunny, the roads were busy, people were few but still we could reach up to 100 saplings covering 2km area. Getting the response during plantation from the local residents was good as highly expected”, Izharul Hassan Sarkar, the field director of the Green Patroll responds.

“Green Patroll is a non profitable organization, serving Tezpur since 2018, which service is rendered to plant saplings as many as possible & reduce the extreme effects of Global Warming upto some extent. We carry out plantation programs during the monsoon, & also focus on other aspects, during the off season. Our other activities include, clean missions, installation of dustbins in public places etc. We are social servants, serving the public without any expectations and governmental fund raising policies. Our only source of expenditure is the pocket money of each of our members. Seeking your support & love, we expect our mission of serving, mother nature to run successfully with a fruitful outcome”, later he also added these inputs.

Also, Debashis Sarma, from Seeds Foundation stated, “We have planted trees as a return gift to mother nature for a better & sustainable future ahead. As for the construction of four lane way, especially as we have seen in nearby highway areas many trees are chopped off for the construction along the roadside lane. This may be caused by the imbalance of nature. Therefore, to bring a balance of it we are showing a little effort by taking such initiatives.”

Meanwhile, participants were highly enthusiastic to make it a big success. The students planted saplings, and fenced them and watered the plants. Every step of the programme was appreciated by the locals too.

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