The Cause Of The Fight – Best Moral Story

Friends, we often see other people fighting the fight. In the streets, in buses, in trains, but when asking for the real reason of fighting with any of them, there is hardly anyone who knows exactly the real reason … why the battle is going on all over?

If a child collides with someone’s bicycle, the whole house reaches without thought. To quarrel with that man, even in our country, there is killing in children’s quarrels.

Today I found a story about such people in a book named Unique inspiration world. so,Listen and tell me, are you also not one of them?

Once an old man was carrying a honey-filled Pitcher. On the way, his foot hit on a small stone, then he staggered and a little bit of honey from the pitcher fell to the ground. Then, The old man handle himself and proceeded, But many flies came with him by flying over honey. And squirrel saw the many flies hovering around honey and immediately attack on them.

The fly also flew away, when a cat hit the squirrel. Then the squirrel also ran away, saved his life, and at the same time a dog came and the cat ran away from it, seeing it.

But suddenly, another dog came there, then the two started fighting among themselves. In those, the owners of those dogs also came and they started saving their dogs. But when the dogs did not calm down, they began to beat each other’s dogs and then they got crowded.

When things went up, their home members and friends came. After some time, both the people on both sides came in the field, taking sticks. Both groups started fierce fighting and many injured. Then a monk passed through and seeing the view of it, he said to an old lady … “Why are they fighting for this?”

Old lady said, I do not know … Then the monk asked the boy standing next to him, so he could not even answer. Then when the monk came to know the real cause of fighting to the other … Then he pointed to the crowd to calm down and asked him … “Without understand anything, what will you say to the person fighting?”

Nobody said anything, all were silent. Then the monk said, our country has the real problem is that … people do not know that why are they fighting really? Just look to each other’s and does the same. Which day, before doing anything inside you, the curiosity of knowing its real cause will come. Understand that your life will improve.

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