The Ultimate Togetherness

The Ultimate Togetherness
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​​​He asked , "How do you feel?"

She looked at him and smiled.She was happy, very happy.He came close to her , took her in his arms.She closed her eyes.She didn't want to think about anything else at that moment.He caressed her in his arms and kissed her forehead.Those were the best moments of her life.She wanted to live those moments forever.Suddenly, she opened her eyes.She could feel his tears She sat there frozen.She wasn't able to tell him anything.She too started sobbing.

Almost an hour later,they left for their home.Both with a heavy heart that held so many memories in them.


After Three years : 

  Three years had passed and she was returning home from abroad.He had waited for three long years.Those three years of waiting wasn't easy for him.He was worried about her and thought of her everyday.He yearned to see her every second.She had suffered a lot too.Coping up with her new surrounding along with her studies was not that easy when her mind thought just about him.Finally, she would see him, feel him after three awaited years.

He went to pick her up at the airport.He saw her at a distance, his angel whom he had yearned to see for three years.She couldn't notice him running towards her.Suddenly she looked at him and hugged him, without caring the crowd.For about ten minutes they held each other that way.

He said, " I missed you baby." She looked at him and said , " I missed you too." Finally they were together once again.


Months passed : 

  Finally they were about to get married.The love story that started in their ninth standard.The thirteen years's pure love.Two months before their marriage Vedika was called to get her transfer letter.This time she was to be accompanied by him.Their flight was scheduled for the next day.

The Day Later : 

 They  were  in a cab, happily moving towards the airport.It was about nine in the night.Suddenly, a truck at full speed hit the cab.Both of them lay there together hand-in-hand,eyes closed, not aware of what would happen after that moment.Life for them came to a halt.


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