The Ultimate Togetherness (Part-2)

The second part of the ultimate togetherness story written by Bandita Bhattarai

The Ultimate Togetherness (Part-2)
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The Ultimate Togetherness (Part 2)

Vedika and Ansh were taken to the hospital where they were immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. It was midnight when the doctor concluded that both were dead. Both families decided to donate their hearts to the hospital. 


"How can you miss my marriage yaar?"  

Tanya was talking to her best friend. They talked until 3 in the morning. When she wanted to wake up in the morning, all she could do was moan in pain. Finally, when she woke up again, she was in the hospital. Her mother was smiling at her. She said, "Your heart transplant is successful" . Tanya was overjoyed. She called Akash, her fiance, and gave him the good news. 


A month was left for her wedding. Tanya 's behaviour was changing. Anxiety took all over her when she thought of her marriage. 

One day, she visited Vedika's mother. She came back home with Vedika's diary. She read it and realised that Vedika's heart would forever love Ansh. It was a challenge for her to find the person with Ansh's heart. She knew that she would never be happy with Akash now. As she had Vedika's heart, so now she wanted to find the person with Ansh's heart. She wanted to reunite Vedika and Ansh. She went to the hospital and asked for the person's details, presently having Ansh's heart. She found that a boy named Karan had Ansh's heart. 


She couldn't stop her tears. She had come face-to-face with Karan Sharma. Karan was her childhood love. They were together till their 12th standard. But, after that they were separated because of being shifted to different cities. She showed him the diary. They looked at each other and cried. Finally, Karan came forward and hugged her. He said, "I missed you a lot, all these years and no one else. I came here searching for you."

That night they were together. They were to be married after a week. Tanya caught Karan's hand. Then she looked up and whispered, "I want you by my side till the day I settle among the stars." Even after their death, Vedika and Ansh were together, once again.

After a week, both of them got married and lived happily ever after.


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