Two boys from Nagaon honoured for preventing a train accident

On the republic day,the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR), will honour the two boys, Bikas Das and Surya Das From Puranigudam,Nagaon,Assam,for their quick Action that Saved more than hundred passangers life.

On the 7th january morning,when This two boys from Nagaon,Bikas Das and Surya Das were out on a morning walk by the railway tracks, they noticed a crack in the railway track. “So we rushed home, got my mother’s red petticoat, rushed back to the spot and started waving it wildly,” says Bikas.

This action saves more than 100 passengers life.So on the republic day the Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR), will award the two boys from Nagaon for their quick action and bravery on the special ceremony held in the Railway Stadium in Guwahati.

“Republic Day celebrations, we usually award internal employees. This is the first time we are awarding two civilians,”Chief Public Relations Officer (NFR) Pranav Jyoti Sharma said.

Bikas and Surya will receive a award money of Rs 2,500 each. The duo admit that they are hopeful of better employment opportunities in the future.

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