Wonders of meditation


In this fast moving hectic life, meditation forms a common and effective antidote for any variety of mental and sometimes even physical disturbances. Often, for the layman, the word ‘meditation’ sounds very heavy, probably spirimal to some, or even with a presumed no-tion of being boring to the other. Though meditation is ancient, rooted in old religious and spiritual texts, it is neither any kind of worship, prayer or religious undertaking.

Meditation is not entirely spiritual but spirituality can be practised through meditation. Similarly, it is not religious, but you can perform meditation religiously.Meditation is a science, about our mind andthoughts. Let me give you some general idea asto what meditation is.A state of awareness about the present moment-Knowing what is going on in andaround us.’Being mindful about daily activities, or in other words, avoiding absentmindriess.

Consciousness of breath : It is the observaion and the focus on your inhalation, in and out.

Consciousness of the thoughts running Inside our minds : It is to be conscious of what we are thinking of our minds.We are thinking, to know the capturing thoughts of our mind.

No pulling and pushing thoughts at a Time/rather thoughtless : Once we know the watching your thoughts without Reacting.

Feeling relaxed physically and mentally at the same time : By avoiding being judgemental about your thoughts, you slowly begin to release your mental stress as well as your physical stress. It is the learning to stay · still, till you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Mindfulness versus meditation:

Meditation is often regarded as being mindful.The terms are interchangeable, yet there do esexist a thin line of difference in practising both.One can meditate by being mindful, but to be mindful does not necessarily mean meditation.Mindfuiness means to be available at a particular point of time. It is to be actively aware of thesurroundings we are dealing with, in full knowledge of the present moment, what we are doing,speaking, etc. I am quite sure many must have experienced that, at times in performing our daily activities, or while talking to somebody, we remain pre-occupied by variety of things running inside the mind. By practising mindfuiness, we remain exactly where we should be, I. e., in the present,enjoying and experiencing the tiniest of things.

Mindfulness is informal meditation. It can be practised the whole day, without any regime.Meditation, on the other hand, is the knowledge of your inner world. It is the training of the mind, inhuencing the functioning of the brain. it is’the connectiori of your inner being with some powerful source of energy-One becomes aware of the nmning thoughts in the mind, without holding any of them. It is formal mind fulness. It needs a definite time and regime. Mindfulness can be regarded as the first step to it.It is the journey to fulfil your inner quest of mental well-being until it touches your soul.

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